“Em, is your stomach a bottomless pit?” asked Alex, only half-kidding.

Emmeline, her mouth full of food, simply tilted her head to one side and frowned, as though contemplating the question. She swallowed, flashed a mischievous grin, and nodded.

Alex and Emmeline had been dating for two months, and still Alex was getting used to Emmeline’s very healthy appetite. Emmeline only spent her time studying, but she ate as if she was a professional football player who had to undergo rigorous training. It made Alex wonder how much food he’d have to store in the house if he and Emmeline moved in together one day.

A small burp brought Alex back to the present. Emmeline had finished her food and was looking around restlessly.

“What next?” Alex asked.

Emmeline paused, then a slow smile spread over her face.

Alex managed to look both exasperated yet accommodating as he said, “Ice-cream.”

It wasn’t a question.

They ordered a triple-scoop ice-cream to share, but Alex was too full to eat much, if any, and Emmeline was only too happy to polish it off.

After they finally finished the food part of the date, Alex took Emmeline to the beach, where they strolled hand in hand, listened to the sounds of the sea, and felt the waves pull at their feet. A sense of tranquility blanketed them, and they settled down onto the sand, savouring the closeness of each other.

Later, as they lay beneath the inky sky, they both thanked the stars for bringing each other into their lives.


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