Everyday, we make choices. Some are as easy as choosing between coffee and tea. Some are not as easy, such as choosing the right thing to do, or the easy thing to do; for these two choices can be very different.

The greatest gift that we have been given is free will – the power to choose. The choices we make have a profound effect not only on ourselves, but on the people around us as well. There is tremendous freedom in choice, and we should exercise caution when making choices so as to not abuse this freedom. A bad decision may be the destruction of a person, or worse. It pays to choose wisely.

Granted, choices may not always be easy to make, and will require time and consideration before reaching a decision. The toughest choice for one may be between sleeping in and fake an illness to call in sick at work, or to do the responsible thing and actually go to work; but for another, it could be the decision to murder an innocent, or let that innocent live.

People often misuse the phrase “I have no choice”, but there is always a choice. Even if you are forced into something not of your choice, you can still choose something else. Your thoughts. Your words. Your actions. Your responses. It’s all up to you. There is always a choice.

The world is as it is largely due to our choices. So make a better choice. Choose to be your better self. Choose happiness. Choose gratitude. Choose selflessness. It doesn’t matter what you have chosen before, it’s the now that can impact the future; choose what can make the world a better place to live in. Choose patience. Choose forgiveness. Choose compassion. Above all, choose love.

For Potterheads: It is our choices, Harry, that show what we truly are, far more than our abilities. – Albus Dumbledore

For Shadowhunters: I think when we make choices – for each choice is individual of the choices we have made before – we must examine not only our reasons for making them but what result they will have, and whether good people will be hurt by our decisions. – Cecily Herondale

For those who think they don’t belong and are still searching for a place in the world: There is always a choice. Even when you are in your deepest, darkest days, there is always a choice to look towards the light. – Anonymous


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